01 May

Caring For Others Visits Antigua

In April, CFO President & CEO Eslene Richmond-Shockley and CFO Board Vice Chair Crystal Khalil spent several days on the island of Antigua distributing to local families and those from nearby Barbuda who had been displaced by the fall 2017 hurricanes. Caring For Others is grateful to His Excellency Governor-General Rodney Williams and all of the Caring For Others Antigua volunteers. While hundreds of families were helped that week, the need was great.  

Mrs. Shockley recounted this story from her trip to Antigua:

When we arrived at this tiny house, there were three girls there. The oldest was a beautiful teenager who was minding her little sisters. The middle girl was 10, and the baby girl was 7. The youngest girl was crying because it was her sister’s turn to wear the clothes. You see, they took turns wearing one outfit. The baby girl only had her panties on. We asked her what did she want, and she asked for a pink dress. 

On this trip, we were reminded that poverty is real. It is our mission to do something about it.

28 Mar

Caring For Others Provides Fresh Food for 1,500

At our annual Feeding Atlanta Communities food distribution on March 24, we provided thousands of pounds of fresh meats, eggs, vegetables, and fruits, as well as dry and canned goods to nearly 1,500 households – all in one day!  

We were grateful to the many volunteers who joined us to make this important service to the community possible, including Georgia State University College of Law students, NOBLE, Atlanta Community Food Bank, and many others.  

15 Feb

Caring For Others Provides Business Clothing to Students

Because we recognize that business attire is both important and expensive, Caring For Others works with local universities and career programs to provide brand new suits, business clothing, and accessories to students. Last month, we hosted two First Impression “shopping” days with Georgia State University College of Law students and students in Year Up, a training program for young adults, which teaches marketable skills. During these fun events, students selected complimentary business attire from our CareLoft inventory so that they can make a great first impression at future job interviews. To reciprocate, students provide volunteer hours at Caring For Others. It’s a win-win!

26 Jan

Caring For Others Hosts Inaugural International Poverty Forum

Yesterday, Caring For Others welcomed a diverse group of thought leaders to the inaugural International Poverty Forum to discuss the current state of and solutions to local and global poverty. At Caring For Others, we are passionate about breaking the cycle of poverty, and since the founding of this organization, we have worked to give a voice to the faces of poverty. 

Inspired by the Clinton Global Initiative, the International Poverty Forum (IPF) included panelists from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors who seek to turn ideas into action in six key areas: food, clothing, shelter, education, health, and employment. 

We were honored to be joined by moderator Justin Wilfon, WSB-TV and panelists:

* Eslene Richmond-Shockley, Caring For Others
* Dr. Tonya Malone, Atlanta Public Schools
* Maya Dillard-Smith, former head of the ACLU
* Cicely Garrett, Atlanta Mayor’s Office
* Pamela Perkins Cam, Interfaith Children’s Movement
* Shatakshee Dhongde, Georgia Institute of Technology
* Clarence Cox, National Org. of Black Law Enforcement Executives
* Yvette Cook, Usher’s New Look
* Ron Burns, Atlanta Community Food Bank. 

Several supporters and friends filled the audience on this landmark day. 

Out of the IPF, each member organization was charged with implementing directives in the year to come. Caring For Others plans to host an annual IPF to continue the group’s efforts at improving poverty and the lives of people living in poverty anywhere in the world. 

25 Sep

ERS Meeting & Event Space

The ERS Meeting & Event Space

We will make your event vision become a reality

The ERS Meeting & Event Space is a hidden treasure conveniently located on the south side of Atlanta, a few miles from the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and less than a mile from the landmark Porsche Experience Center.

The facility has an industrial vibe with a hidden opulence featuring white porcelain floors, golden columns, and four spectacular crystal chandeliers. It offers a perfect escape from the city traffic for weddings, corporate events and parties.

A self-sustaining vision of Eslene Richmond-Shockley, the ERS Meeting & Event Space is a function of Caring For Others, Inc. The venue provides an elegant venue that is like nothing else available in the community.

22 Sep



With brand new clothing, accessories, and household goods from high-end manufacturers, CareLoft’s sales support the work of Caring For Others.

CareLoft (formerly CareMart) has been crowned Atlanta’s Best Kept Secret. It is truly a community store that gives new meaning to a bargain. All of the items in the store are brand new and range from high-end to local vendors. The prices are well below retail, and the affordability allows the single mother on a tight budget to buy school clothes for her children or the young man about to enter the workforce to purchase proper business attire.

Not only does CareLoft help the community with its low prices, but all of the proceeds from the store go right back into funding Caring For Others’ core programs to assist more families and individuals.

22 Sep

Convoy of Care


When natural disasters affect neighboring communities and states, Caring For Others sends a Convoy of Care filled with basic necessities.

In partnership with WSB-TV, Georgia law enforcement agencies and trucking companies, Caring For Others developed the Convoy of Care to reach communities affected by natural disaster within driving distance of our Atlanta headquarters.

Understanding that when families and individuals suddenly lose everything due to a hurricane, tornado, or flood, they may be unable to travel to our center to obtain the clothing and household items they need to recover, we take relief to their doorsteps.

Since the program’s launch, our Convoys of Care – several large tractor trailer trucks loaded with basic necessities – arrived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Albany, Georgia following major natural disasters.

22 Sep

Agency Partners


Together, we work to eradicate poverty at home and around the world.

Caring For Others works with agency partners providing a wide range of services to people in need. Each year, Caring For Others distributes millions of dollars worth of new products through our agency partner network. We help support the children’s poverty prevention program of CSRA Economic Opportunity Authority in Augusta, Georgia. A shelter plus care program run by River Edge Behavioral Health Center in Macon, Georgia and an International Program run by Operation Compression in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Through partnerships with social service organizations, government agencies, communities of faith and corporate partners, we provide a continuum of services including distributions of food, new clothing, toys, shoes, furniture and personal necessities domestically and globally.

Download the Agency Partner Packet Partner_Agency_Membership_Package2014 
Download the Agency Partner Application  Agency Partner Membership Application

22 Sep

ERS Scholarship Fund


With the ERS Scholarship Care Fund, developed by our founder, children are given the chance to complete postsecondary education.

The ERS Scholarship Care Fund is one of our most important programs established for the sole purpose of helping children who are diligent in continuing their education on the postsecondary level by giving them holistic assistance whether it be financial, food assistance or even words or notes of encouragement. It is a program birthed from the heart of Eslene Richmond-Shockley and also funded by her generosity. The financial scholarships provide assistance with purchasing books and other necessary educational materials. Each scholarship recipient is required to be an active volunteer in his or her local community to understand what giving back truly means.

Scholarship recipients also have the opportunity to work closely with the Founder and CEO of Caring For Others learning vital tools that are relevant to both the corporate and non-profit sectors. The invaluable hands-on knowledge given through the ERS Scholarship Care Fund is an experience that will not only last a lifetime but also help make an impact on the world through developing and broadening our young minds.

22 Sep

Emergency Food and Senior & Disabled Assistance Program


“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” – Mother Teresa

Our Emergency Food and Senior & Disabled Assistance Program includes a pantry stocked with assorted meats, canned goods, basic staples, and household items such as paper products, detergent, and diapers.

The purpose of the Emergency Food Assistance Program is to sufficiently assist those in need and encourage them through their time of difficulty. The Emergency Food Assistance Program is zip code restricted and requires a needs assessment so that we can properly service the individual or family and account for all donations.

The Senior & Disabled Program allows seniors and the disabled to receive food, household and personal effects, clothing, coats, and shoes that they would normally go without because of the economic constraints of an extremely fixed income and the high costs of medication.

Our goal with both programs is to help alleviate hunger and poverty by providing the necessary recourses to the people who come through our doors for assistance.