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Caring For Others

3537 Browns Mill Rd. Suite 2,
Atlanta, GA 30354
Phone: (404) 761-0133
or (404) 768-2798
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The mission of Caring For Others Inc. (CFO) is to help those without the basic necessities to live with dignity.  In 2007, CFO developed a unique business model, Care Mart, a boutique, to assist economically disenfranchised individuals and families by providing brand new clothing, furniture, household goods and accessories for clients who cannot ordinarily afford to purchase these items at a department store. More often than not when people lose their jobs and lose their homes, they do not have the necessary resources or self-esteem to compete during this economic downturn.  Care Mart provides these programs to assist those facing personal crisis:

Return to Work Program:

Our Return to Work Program serves men and women who are transitioning from unemployment back into the work force; seniors who must return to the workforce to survive; and, the working poor who are living from paycheck to paycheck. Each client receives six (6) items that includes: a suit, dress, shirt & tie or blouse, shoes and other accessories.  Clients are referred by partner agencies to Caring For Others case management and Continuum of Care network of communities.  

Teen Mothers Program:

Our Teenage Mothers Program serves teens, who are pregnant for the first time, with a high-end crib that converts to a full size bed, bumper pad, changing table, disposable diapers, bottles, car seats, strollers, clothing and other necessities. Teen mothers are referred by school administrators, partner agencies; and, the Continuum of Care network of communities to Caring For Others case management.

Catastrophic Program:

Our Catastrophic Program serves individuals and families who are victims of fires who lost all of their personal property, natural disasters (floods, hurricanes, tornados). Care Mart provides clothing, furniture, household goods, and basic essentials to start a new life. Clients are referred and required to bring their letter from the Fire Department for fires devastation: and, FEMA for natural disasters.

Care Mart – A Community Store:

The cost conscious, savvy shopper can support Caring For Others Inc. homelessness prevention program by shopping at Care Mart.  Every dollar spent at Care Mart goes directly to providing food, rent, utilities and clothing to thousands of needy families in Metro Atlanta.  WXIA, 11 Alive News, Valerie Hoff, “Ways to Save” has profiled Care Mart several times as one of Metro Atlanta’s ‘best kept secrets’.  Shoppers are delighted to find something for the whole family at Care Mart and even more thrilled about the savings!



Store Hours:
10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  10:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Care Mart is located at 3537 Browns Mill Road, Atlanta, GA 30354.  For more information call (404) 761-0133.

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