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A Message from the Caring For Others  President

More than a decade ago I was given the task of founding an organization to help those in my community who were without the resources to celebrate the holidays with their families.

 At that time I acted alone with an idea and $25 of funding from my own pocket. Today, I am not alone and now, 13 years later, I can happily report that the little idea has grown into Caring for Others.

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A Human Services Organization 

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Caring For Others, Inc. (CFO) is a Human Services Organization  that  seeks  to  eradicate poverty through feeding, educating, clothing and housing individuals and families around the world.


We provide a continuum of both on-site services and global outreach assistance to twenty-three metro Atlanta zip codes and numerous cities and countries throughout the world; CFO also collaborates with government agencies, social service organizations and churches around the state to provide food, new clothing, furniture and other products to people in need.


In recent years we have expanded our reach of hope and dignity by developing partnerships with over 110 agencies in and around Georgia and the south east, south west coast and the west coast; with their assistance we provide services to the economically disadvantaged in rural communities.


Caring For Others has since broadened our path of dignity and hope across borders and overseas, partnering and serving impoverished communities in countries such as Belize, Guyana, Nigeria, Antigua and The Philippines.

Caring For Others, Inc. 3537 Browns Mill Rd., Atlanta, GA 30354  T: 404.761.0133 F: 404.761.0678

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