Life Skills and Financial Management Training


We are excited to announce that we will be offering several new programs for children beginning this summer. We are always searching for new ways to serve the community. Stay tuned for news about piano classes, chess club, a reading program and computer literacy training. 


Youth Mentoring & Education

Caring for Others cares about the whole family. We offer youth mentoring and educational programs throughout the year, particularly during summer months when children have time on their hands. Here, children might event be called upon to lend a hand to help others as young volunteers, helping them develop a strong sense of compassion along with self-worth.


Life Skills Training

Caring for Others schedules a variety of life skills and financial management training classes throughout the year. These classes are intended to give our clients a “hand up” so that their future will look brighter than their present circumstances. With the 2011 expansion of our building, we look forward to hosting more of these community events in the coming months and years.  

Our programs include the following

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•    Disaster Relief
•    CareMart 
•    Children and Adult New Clothing Bank
•    Community Holiday Giving
•    Food Assistance
•    Life Skills/Financial Management Training
•    New Furniture Bank
•    Rent/Mortgage Assistance
•    Utility Assistance
•    Supplementary Assistance for Senior/Disabled
•    Youth Mentoring & Education
•    Community Holiday Giving


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