22 Sep

ERS Scholarship Fund


With the ERS Scholarship Care Fund, developed by our founder, children are given the chance to complete postsecondary education.

The ERS Scholarship Care Fund is one of our most important programs established for the sole purpose of helping children who are diligent in continuing their education on the postsecondary level by giving them holistic assistance whether it be financial, food assistance or even words or notes of encouragement. It is a program birthed from the heart of Eslene Richmond-Shockley and also funded by her generosity. The financial scholarships provide assistance with purchasing books and other necessary educational materials. Each scholarship recipient is required to be an active volunteer in his or her local community to understand what giving back truly means.

Scholarship recipients also have the opportunity to work closely with the Founder and CEO of Caring For Others learning vital tools that are relevant to both the corporate and non-profit sectors. The invaluable hands-on knowledge given through the ERS Scholarship Care Fund is an experience that will not only last a lifetime but also help make an impact on the world through developing and broadening our young minds.

22 Sep

Emergency Food and Senior & Disabled Assistance Program


“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” – Mother Teresa

Our Emergency Food and Senior & Disabled Assistance Program includes a pantry stocked with assorted meats, canned goods, basic staples, and household items such as paper products, detergent, and diapers.

The purpose of the Emergency Food Assistance Program is to sufficiently assist those in need and encourage them through their time of difficulty. The Emergency Food Assistance Program is zip code restricted and requires a needs assessment so that we can properly service the individual or family and account for all donations.

The Senior & Disabled Program allows seniors and the disabled to receive food, household and personal effects, clothing, coats, and shoes that they would normally go without because of the economic constraints of an extremely fixed income and the high costs of medication.

Our goal with both programs is to help alleviate hunger and poverty by providing the necessary recourses to the people who come through our doors for assistance.

22 Sep

Community Partnership Program


Caring For Others teams up with agencies in the United States and around the world to enable direct distribution of needed necessities.

Our Community Partnership Program leverages our partnerships with local and national agencies, communities of faith, nonprofit agencies, and government agencies. These strategic partnerships allow us to distribute more products to the areas that need it most.

We currently have more than 110 partner agencies servicing various communities across the nation. Our No Bare Soles Distribution, Spring and Grow, Books for Better Children, Child Safety Week, YO Boulevard Partnership, and many others have become signature events that help us reach and serve more families and children across the nation.

22 Sep

Catastrophic Relief Program


In the United States and throughout the world, when natural disasters occur, we deliver the basic necessities that have been lost.

Our Catastrophic Relief Program provides NEW clothing and NEW furniture to families and individuals who have been devastated by natural elements beyond their control and are forced to choose between clothing and other basic necessities. These families include those who have been burned out of their homes, victims of flood or tornadoes, or those who are in transition from homelessness. We quickly assess their needs and jump into action giving them a renewed sense of hope beyond their current circumstances.

Click here to view our Impact Report from 2018 hurricane relief efforts throughout the Southeastern United States. 

Our relief efforts reach beyond our facility, beyond our communities and beyond our borders. We provide the same help, hope and healing to those suffering with catastrophic loss whether in the United States, Asia, Africa, South America or the Caribbean.

22 Sep

Community Holiday Giving


Our annual Community Holiday Giving ensures that even struggling families can provide holiday surprises for their children.

Our Community Holiday Giving Program distributes toys, clothes, food, household goods and other items to hundreds of families who may not be able to provide a meal or warm clothing for their families during the winter and Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Foundations, individuals, corporations, and churches donate these items, and we pre-register all families and individuals for this program to ensure need.

22 Sep

Emergency Financial Assistance


When temporary financial assistance makes the difference between a home and homelessness, Caring For Others is there to help.

Our Emergency Financial Assistance program works to prevent homelessness by extending a helping hand with utility bills (electricity, gas and water) and mortgage/rental assistance for those who are in crisis. In most cases, we are able to prevent eviction or foreclosures by providing the essential financial resources that are needed to develop a more stable and secure environment.

22 Sep

International Outreach


From the Caribbean to Asia, and many places in between, Caring For Others serves impoverished communities around the world.

Our International Outreach has grown to include International Hubs of Caring For Others in Antigua, Barbuda, Nigeria, and Guyana, as well as partnerships with local agencies to reach communities in Belize, Santo Domingo, and the Philippines. Our international expansion and outreach allows us to serve areas that are impoverished and in dire need all over the world.

Our vision is to provide clothing, food, and personal effects while at the same time creating Microeconomic Centers that will help provide continual support for life skills training for new opportunities to obtain jobs indigenous to each region. The Microeconomic Center model is one that we hope will become a staple for the Caring For Others International Hubs and other partner organizations.