22 Sep

ERS Scholarship Fund


With the ERS Scholarship Care Fund, developed by our founder, children are given the chance to complete postsecondary education.

The ERS Scholarship Care Fund is one of our most important programs established for the sole purpose of helping children who are diligent in continuing their education on the postsecondary level by giving them holistic assistance whether it be financial, food assistance or even words or notes of encouragement. It is a program birthed from the heart of Eslene Richmond-Shockley and also funded by her generosity. The financial scholarships provide assistance with purchasing books and other necessary educational materials. Each scholarship recipient is required to be an active volunteer in his or her local community to understand what giving back truly means.

Scholarship recipients also have the opportunity to work closely with the Founder and CEO of Caring For Others learning vital tools that are relevant to both the corporate and non-profit sectors. The invaluable hands-on knowledge given through the ERS Scholarship Care Fund is an experience that will not only last a lifetime but also help make an impact on the world through developing and broadening our young minds.

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